Daily Hellos

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daily Hellos?

Is the purpose of this app still a bit of a mystery to you? No worries, we've got it covered right here!
To put it simply, Daily Hellos is your guide for when you want to have meaningful, fun and deep conversations. Consider any of these scenarios…

Are you on a promising first date and want to get to know each other better? Head on over to Daily Hellos, select the First Date deck and use the carefully curated questions as prompts to connect more deeply with your date. If it goes well we'll happily accept the wedding invitation!

Are you at home because of the lockdown and are tired of the regular small talk? Try any of the decks under the Family category for some interesting conversation starters that will get you to see your folks in a whole new light. In case it doesn't work, a glass of red wine should do the trick 😉

Are you looking to get to know your friends on a much deeper level or just have fun sleepover talks? The different cards under the Friendship category will help you do just that. The wine thing applies here too...

Who are the masterminds behind Daily Hellos?

We're flattered you asked! We are a very small team. And by very small we mean really really small. There's 3 of us Ofla, Maail and Shushan.

Here are 3 things the 3 of us have in common:

1. We are all super chill. Maail is the chill dev who's got it all under control. Ofla is the chill creative master who has created all the beautiful designer and UI. Shushan is the chill content chic who's calmly handling all things mobile marketing.
2. We all believe in the power of meaningful conversations and want to create a platform that would guide people to build deeper connections through quality dialogues.
3. We all wanted to build something from scratch and so we did. Voilà!

And here are 3 things the 3 of us do NOT have in common:

1. We are all from different countries - an Indonesian, an Armenian and a Maldivien. Can you guess who is which?
2. We all have different skill sets and it works in our favor. As long as we stick to what we do best, we're golden.
3. We all handled the lockdown differently. Maail grew his hair out and looks like a proper rockstar. Shushan got married, because why not? Ofla adopted the cutest shih tzu and became the best furmom.

Now stop wasting your time on the FAQs, get back to the Cards tab on your app and get talking with your friends and family.

How can we connect with you?

We are always happy to receive constructive feedback, suggestions, questions, ideas as well as complaints of all sorts (as long as it's to do with Daily Hellos. If your date didn't go well and our questions didn't help, that one's on you 😉 ).

You can get in touch with us by emailing at info.dailyhello@gmail.com